Opinions-Wedding Photographer Girona Spain-Nuri Busquets
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Through our wedding reports we have shared special moments with also special people who we finally love. Thank you very much for your choice!

AiL06_026We chose Nuri because we were looking for somebody who could give us a natural and spontaneous work. We did’nt wanted that the pictures were setting the beat, we wanted the pictures to be a story of our day.

From the first minute we felt really comfortable, and her handling was excellent, in fact once we had seen the pictures, we discovered lots of things we did’nt realize during our wedding day.
For us, she is the one who most showed interest in our wedding.

From that day we recommend her work to everybody and after 2 years the memory is too intense and too great.

Albert & Lídia, September 2012.

EiD_412We wanted an special wedding in an idyllic place, we wished people who could understand us and could capture the moment we were living.

We chose you because of your sensitivity, your simple treatment and above all because of the sweetness you express through your look, all these things turned into a charming report that includes all the fantastic instants of that wonderful day.

You don’t know how Eduard and me are extremely grateful to you.
We would choose you always, between many, as we did.

Eduard & Dolors, May 2013.

RiA_0417If I have to make a recap of our experience with Nuri and Juan Luis, I just can say that we couldn’t be more pleased, the pictures and the video are so natural and they portray each moment feelings, from early morning until the end of the party, that’s what we expected.

Both of them are great professionals. During the wedding they didn’t stop taking pictures and filming, so discreet that you did’nt realize they were around. Our guests also were very glad and afterwards they congratulate us for our choice.

In addition, they were really kind and pleasant treatment all the time, we felt very comfortable with them, just like if we knew them since a long time ago.

I’m sure you’ll find the best option with them, because of their work as well as for the treat you’ll receive from them.Thank you very much for everything!

Ricard & Aïda, September 2013.


Sara_i_Xevi-boda-palau-miradorAt the beginning we didn’t have any intention of doing a video of our wedding, but when we saw them in the web we encourage to visit them personally. The feeling was immediate! We saw it very clear, already we had video!

The result was brilliant, capturing all the great moments and the emotions that at that time you do not enjoy with all the nerves on edge and the accumulated stress.

Thank you very much Nuri for this small artwork so personal. 

We are looking forward to see you in action next July in the wedding of Xevi’s sister! 


Sara and Xevi, September, 2014.


The organization, the availability and the pictures… we are so charmed.C&A_wedding_costa_brava

We never have been seeing ourselves so flattering in photos.

Two photographers so pro, that they shared with us our great day.

All this with relaxation, in a natural way.

Thank you very much for all those unforgettable moments.

Audrey & Claudio, June 2014


J&S_bodaWe met Nuri and Juan Luís by chance.

We were going to get married in a country house near Barcelona, and was there where they talked about her work.

I was looking for a good photographer for a long time, but anyone fitted us or got more expensive.

Once that we visited her web in order to see her work, it gave us good feeling: to me because of qualities and to Sabri as well as because of being a woman.

Both were finally decisive facts on the wedding day.  

In the first place because of his qualities as a photographer, not only in her work, but because of her professionalism and the “being carried along” that she transmitted to us.

And in the second place because she’s a woman and she remained with the bride more time. That fact gave Sabri a great feeling of confidence and relief.

Nuri and Juan Luis’s joint effort turned the session so complete, relaxed and nice, that we were able to take really natural pictures.

They did a great job, and thanks to that we now have an unforgettable memory.

100% to be recommended.

Julen & Sabri, October 2014


Thank you so much Nuri for these excellent wedding pictures!!K&C_boda_moli_escala

A great professional labour, and above all, I have to congratulate for the spontaneity you knew how to catch, as well as the little details that make the album so special.

Without a shadow of a doubt we couldn’t have chosen better!

It was a pleasure to share with you all my wedding day, you did the photographic experience easy and comforting.

And what about the congratulations we have received! Everybody fell in love with your pictures.

A great photographer!!

Cristina & Kevin, September 2014


J&T_427My experience has been sensational. We could enjoy a really good shooting without any ” you have to pose” nor seeing oneself forced to nothing, everything so natural, going with the flow and with a lot of confidence ( that was one of the most important thing for us).

The album looks great! And now we are waiting for the next event we hope we’ll share soon! 

Jaume & Tània, September 2014


Our experience with Nuri and Juan Luis was about two people very close to D&L_374us and very likable, they knew how to adapt to our demands and also they gave us some ideas we really enjoyed. The resulting report was fabulous and by being young, invested contemporary things to the photographic work and consequently our album don’t look like our parent’s album, I’m really happy with their work and they proved to be great professionals. They knew how to catch each moment: -IT’S TRUE, AN IMAGE IS WORTH MORE THAN A THOUSAND WORDS-. The video is lovely and the music that goes with it aswell, I think we were lucky enough to meet them  through third person. See you very soon in our friend’s wedding, kisses and best wishes for you from Lidia & Diego. 

Lidia & Diego, August 2014