Masies: country houses from Girona>Nuri Busquets Photography
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Girona country houses

Girona outskirts are full of country houses called Masies, is part of our architectural legacy that has survived to those days despite many years ago they have changed their uses. Until 100 years ago, they delimited a very specific socio-cultural framework that had not changed too much since the beginning of feudalism, they were the backbone of rural life in our country.

With the phasing out precipitated in a few decades, had not expected to survive more than a few manors aimed at second homes. But restaurateurs and hoteliers have been able to adapt their businesses to the conservation of a palpable piece of our history.

The Garden of tenant farmers is no longer watered every evening in summer, now the sprinklers water the lawn surrounding the pool. If the inhabitants of these farmhouses could come today, probably would take his hands to his head to see how the heir of a house marries with a heiress, but what´s the problem?! This custom has’nt caused us no more nostalgia, so three cheers for the groom! and I encourage you to celebrate your wedding in an environment like this. In addition to the ceremony in a beautiful setting surrounded by nature, you can provide accommodation for your guests.

In our region there is a good range of possibilities, all them specialized in all types of celebrations to offer you an exquisite treatment and a high level cuisine Recommended Reading.

Mas Terrats in Pontós, El Jardí de Calders in Sant Gregori, Mas Can Ferrer in Arbúcies, el Cortal Gran in Sant Pere Pescador, El Moli de l’Escala in l’Escala, El Nus de Pedra in Sant Marti de Llémena, Mas les Cols in Olot, Mas Marroch in Vilablareix, Mas Pau in Avinyonet de Puigventós, Mas Solà in Santa Coloma de Farners … and many more.

I’m sure you’ll find one that will fit your expectations, here you’ve some guides where you will find plenty information: GironaNuvis and

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