About us-Wedding Photographer Girona Spain-Nuri Busquets
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About us


Nuri Busquets

Fine Arts bachelors degree in image specialty, I work in editorial retouching, architectural photography, commercial and wedding.

I also collaborate habitually on various photographic projects with company CS Consultors (consulting web) from Girona and companies Weddzy Mariage (wedding planer) and Imagera (Agency of photographers) from Paris.

Combining my artistic training background with the professionalism of my career is the key to the succes: My clients satisfaction!


Juan Luis Campoy

Fine Arts bachelors degree in image specialty, and Master in Landscape Architecture. Experience as video editor for media and ad companies.

Video and motion graphics teacher for the Barcelona University (UB). As a freelance I’ve made artistic and professional works in video, motion graphics, design and Landscape Architecture.

You can see some of  my work at JuNu!

We have been distinguished by Zankyou magazine as one of the best wedding photographer in Girona and Spain! Thank you!!